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Elevate your space with our latest creation—the Oval Trays with Irregular Edges. A harmonious blend of form and function, these trays redefine elegance with their unique shape and artisanal charm. Redesign your living space with the chic simplicity of our Oval Trays. 


Crafted with an eye for design, our oval trays boast irregular edges that add an artistic touch to your decor.

 Choose between two sizes to suit your needs and preferences. Select from the pristine allure of white or the tactile beauty of textured stone, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting.



small: 19cm long x 11.5 cm wide 

large: 23cm long x 13cm wide. 


When on sale , imperfections like air bubbles and uneven colour are to be expected.


Please bear in mind that the colour representation may vary due to individual monitor and lighting settings.

Oval Trays with Irregular Edges

PriceFrom £9.60