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This aesthetically pleasing candle not only captures attention but also transforms any space into a hub of style and tranquility when lit. As the candle burns, the light gracefully dances through the intricate structure, casting captivating shadows and lending a unique, cozy ambiance.


Crafted with the environment in mind, our eco resin jar is a symbol of sustainability and dedication to responsible manufacturing.


Inside, you'll find a blend of premium coconut wax infused with cruelty-free fragrance oil, accompanied by a charming wooden wick. As you ignite this candle, the flickering flame and aromatic essence come together to create a serene and delightful ambiance, reminiscent of a cozy autumn day.



jar - 8.5cm height, 8 cm width 

lid - 3cm height, 3.5cm width. 


Ingredients: coconut wax, cruelty free fragrance oil, wooden wick. 


100g net 

16+ hours burn if burning instructions are respected. 


Visit our aftercare page to learn how to get the most of your candle.

To learn more about our scents, visit our fragrance page. 

Cloud wooden wick candle

£17.00 Regular Price
£13.60Sale Price
Please allow 5-7 business days for your candle to be made.
  • We chose coconut wax as the foundation for its exceptional qualities. Known for its clean-burning properties, coconut wax ensures a longer and cleaner burn, allowing you to savor the captivating aroma without any toxins or harmful residue. 


    Here's 7 reasons to love coconut wax:


    1. AMAZING SCENT THROW: they will fill your space with captivating fragrances that linger in the air, thanks to the superior scent throw of coconut wax.


    2. SLOW AND EVEN BURN: Enjoy longer-lasting candle moments as our coconut wax candles burn slowly and evenly, providing a blissful experience.


    3. SUSTAINABLE AND NATURAL: Feel good about your choice! Our coconut wax comes from renewable coconut oil, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. It is also - Biodegradable and water soluble. Since our candles are made out of coconut, they are naturally biodegradable which makes accidental spills easier to clean with just hot water and soap.


    4. NON-GMO & ECO-FRIENDLY: our coconut wax is a non-GMO product, offering a more natural option for candle lovers. 


    5. SMOKELESS AND SOOT-FREE: Breathe easy with our clean-burning coconut wax candles, leaving your space free from smoke and soot.


    6. LUXURIOUS TEXTURE: Elevate your candle game with the creamy and smooth texture of coconut wax, adding a touch of luxury to your decor.


    7. EARTH-FRIENDLY CHOICE: No deforestation associated with coconut wax production, making it an environmentally responsible and guilt-free pick.​


    Whether you choose our handcrafted vessels or the luxurious glass option, prepare for an unforgettable olfactory journey with our meticulously crafted candles.