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Introducing our hand poured coconut candles in bauble like jars with small heart details on top and bottom, wood wick and the divine scent of french pâtisserie. 

Imagine a stroll in Paris by the famous boulangeries and the scent of french tarts with ripe black raspberries, strawberries, coconut lemon, vanilla and peach.

Light this candle, enjoy the relaxing crackling effect and watch the hearts melt into the candle pool. 


Ingredients: -coconut wax 

                          -cruelty free fragrance oil 

                          -fsc certified wood wick

Coconut wax does not contain any genetically modified ingredients, soy, palm, or paraffin products. It is bio-degradable and vegan friendly. 

weight: 440g 

Burning time: 55-60 hours if burning instructions are respected.




Amour - French Pâtisserie candle

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  • 1.Trim wick to 0.4 cm before burning your candle. You can use a wick trimmer, scissor or a nail trimmer, whatever works for you. This step will ensure a clean burn, a beautiful crackling sound and no unnecessary smoke. 

    2. Only burn candles on an even, fireproof surface. 

    3. Only burn candles within sight. 

    4. At the first burn, make sure you get a full melted pool ( when the melted wax reaches the edges of the container). This can take up to 4 hours. This step will help to get  an even burn and prevents candles from tunnelling ( when the wax on the sides remains unmelted). 

    5. Keep candles aways from children & pets. 

    6. Do not light candles near anything that can catch fire. 

    7. Do not burn these candles more than 4 hours at a time. 

    8. Containers will get hot during the burn, do not move the candles while lit. 

    9. Between the burns, trim the wick and clean any residue that might catch fire.